RAPPORT manages the calculation and allocation of data required by the finance and actuarial teams for both management and regulatory reporting. This high-performance processing engine orchestrates the rapid and accurate execution of data computations, such as the earning of premium, ceded premium allocation, IBNR calculation, expense allocation and business forecasting.
Finance departments often rely on creating complex spreadsheets and tactical IT solutions to solve laborious and time-consuming tasks in the preparation of reporting returns and the consolidation of business results. Rapport puts a stop to such layered complexities and provides a flexible solution to whatever processing is required.
Financial Modelling
Enables finance and actuarial users to develop and process calculation and allocation models through the web-based front-end without the end-user risks inherent in Office-based solutions.

Scenario Comparisons
Uses repeatable processes to automate and control time-consuming calculations and allocations with scenario capabilities for comparative and what-if analysis.
User Driven Solution
Leverages the same highly efficient framework to process all calculations and allocations (Earnings, IBNR, Ceded, Expenses, Forecast) through the front-end toolset to minimize user inputs.
Enterprise Integration
Incorporates standard, recurring calculations and allocations into your regular nightly process to ensure data consistency and accuracy at the right level of detail for all reporting.