INFORM provides a data layer and dashboard that enables management teams to easily understand their contribution to the profitability of the company. Utilising the reporting layer, users can see the results of the business on a variety of GAAP bases using different FX conversion rules. Bridging the transition from management to statutory to regulatory figures is self-explanatory and provides the board level sign-off required prior to submitting results to regulators.
Having inconsistent financial management information across the organisation results in untrusted reports and user-built analyses. The conflict that results from this takes significant management time and removes clarity around performance, decisions and impacts of change. Inform solves these issues and provides information in formats ideal for each department’s management team to understand and present.
Data Accuracy
Ensures data integrity and consistency across the organisation using the web-based reporting tool that utilises the reporting layer to provide accurate information to all consumers.
Data Granularity
Integrates data from the most summarised to the most detailed through data drill-throughs enabling users to fully understand the true performance of their business.
Data Visualisation
Makes transparent the data progression via the visualisation of development triangles and graphs utilising consistent FX rates and exposure-based period derivation.
Board Reporting
Transitions data from Management to Statutory to Regulatory figures that reconcile fully to regulatory returns as well as explaining the underlying performance of the business.