TANDEM supports the efficient and reliable production of regulatory, statutory and management accounts. This powerful, source agnostic, finance data warehouse and management tool combines a robust, yet flexible, ETL and data processing framework with accounting period controls. Approval-based manual adjustments and auditable period close procedures guarantee accurate and timely financial figures.
Against a background of ongoing change and an ever-more complex regulatory environment, it is essential for insurers to be able to produce financial data quickly, reliably and accurately. Existing IT systems fall short, and manual processing is onerous and time-consuming. Tandem provides the perfect flexible solution.
Data Integrity
Ensures data consistency and accuracy across the organisation, using the web-based mapping tool with our enterprise-wide data modelling and scalable processing framework.
Accounting Periods
Automates and accelerates financial close processing with configurable, calendar-based accounting periods to support finance, actuarial and management reporting and analysis.
Multiple Markets
Produces US & UK GAAP, Lloyd’s, IFRS, Solvency II accounting figures through the management of multiple FX rate types, conversion methodologies and translation rules.
Manual Adjustments
Processes your manual adjustments at the right level of detail through a controlled work-flow approval process with configurable auto-reversing and permanent entries.