POSTBOX supports the configuration and processing of accounting journal entries to avoid errors and remove risk from key financial procedures.  Using the configurable web front-end, this highly flexible accounting engine connects and posts to any general ledger (GL) system. The automated reconciliation tool ensures your books and records are fully aligned against multiple source systems.
As insurers develop their operations, it is increasingly important that they can integrate new businesses into their finance systems seamlessly and efficiently. Often integration will be required to one or more GL packages, for local and corporate reporting. Postbox provides the ideal architecture.
Full Data Lineage
Sources data from other Phinsys modules or from your own systems in a straightforward process that provides full data lineage (drill to full detail) between the GL and source systems.
Ledger Agnostic
Provides finance users with the ability to configure target structures and journals to interface with all GL systems through the web-based front-end, providing easy updates as required.
Audit and Control
Ensures journals are successfully posted to the GL and reconciled against source data, providing a key control to finance users and auditors, identifying any issues as they occur.
Global Capability
Fully supports different time zones, multiple source systems and ledgers through a configurable posting engine to determine what gets posted and when it is processed.