Our vision, purpose & values

The demand for faster, accurate and integrated financial analysis that enables better insights and decision making, is a top strategic priority for insurance businesses around the world. Cost-reduction has become critical to improve margins and operate sustainably.

Phinsys addresses these requirements by consolidating its experience in solving such challenges for the insurance sector: continuing to develop cloud-native digital technologies to maintain its position as the industry leader.

To provide a suite of enabling, market-leading, robust tools for the insurance sector that allow our clients to benefit from ‘best of breed’ automation technology and processing capabilities, all configured to address their precise business needs in a cost-effective manner.

The Phinsys product range provides a proven route to improved financial control, regulatory compliance and enhanced business performance.
Always by your side
We are here for the long term. Longevity, loyalty and reliability are inherent in the way we do business with our clients, partners and colleagues.
Everyone matters
As a close-knit team, we support each other and work together with our clients and partners to ensure they each receive the attention and service they need.
Good faith
We are transparent and accountable and so are the products we design, the services we provide, and the people our clients and partners deal with.
Deep thinking
We love an opportunity to explore and solve problems. We have a deep understanding of insurance finance: we know our market inside out and are committed to its future success.
Going further
We always strive to exceed expectations in everything we do and have a singular focus on achieving the best outcomes for everyone we work with.