COMPLY governs conformity across bordereau processing, data reconciliations and regulatory reporting. The system is easily extended to support multiple jurisdictions’ reporting standards, while ensuring data is fully reconciled across all your finance department’s IT systems. The system simplifies bordereau loading, standardisation, validation and submission from both delegated authorities and run-off entities.
Insurers’ reporting timetables are becoming increasingly demanding and the finance function is being asked to do more, more frequently and in ever-shorter periods of time. This requires resource from the finance and actuarial departments to prepare, analyse and then present the data in the required formats. Comply provides the ultimate compliance and auditing solution.
Regulatory Reporting
Employs comprehensive reporting schemas for known returns while easily incorporating new reporting formats in response to evolving regulatory requirements.
Historical Submissions
Configures rules around retaining historical data submissions, ensuring final versions are retained for the review and audit of regulatory returns, bordereau extracts and reconciliations.
Bordereau Processing
Manages bordereau uploads, including data validation and attribute comparison, to process and load the validated datasets to the finance data warehouse and enterprise systems
System Reconciliations
Delivers real-time output of all system-to-system reconciliations and identified issues across finance applications directly to responsible parties and archive for year-end audits.